Arts Barge Project

The Arts Barge Project is an amazing collective of artists, musicians and performers who want to create a unique venue for the arts in York – The Arts Barge!
I couldn’t have been more THRILLED therefore when I was invited to perform with the Arts Barge Ensemble alongside a number of other absolutely fabulous musicians under the masterful direction of Christian Topman at the Grand Opera House in York and also on the main Dukle Stage at Galtres Festival – BRILLIANT!


Based on the success of hiring a barge and putting on a stonking line up of events as part of the Festival of the Rivers 2011, the Arts Barge Project has now decided to go full steam ahead to buy its own barge. As any boat it buys is going to need a significant amount of work on it before its ready to use as a venue the evenutal goal is to raise £100,000.  If you would like to help with this funding go to:















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