Paula has a wealth of experience of leading vocal/singing, song-writing and percussion/rhythm workshops for persons of all ages and abilities in such diverse places as Ireland, UK, Tanzania, Germany, France and the USA.  In workshops, Paula shares her love of music making with others in a relaxed, creative & inspiring way.


Paula leads a wide range of workshops for festival goers, schools, youth & community groups, choirs, companies, corporate events, charities and other organisations.  Paula’s workshops cover many aspects of music making, performance skills and team building including singing, song-writing, percussion, composition, movement, mcing, rehearsing, presentation and recording.  Each workshop is specifically designed and tailored to the ages, abilities and aspirations of the participants. The aim of all Paula’s workshops is to ensure a relaxed, happy learning environment for participants to express themselves creatively and have fun exploring music, song and rhythm and to provide participants with the opportunity to


to their heart’s content and experience the joy of communal music making as practised in communities across the world for centuries.

To enhance her vocal/singing workshops, Paula is a registered practitioner with the UK’s leading organisation for the teaching of singing and voice training based on the natural voice.

To enhance her songwriting workshops, Paula is a founder member and co-ordinator of York Songwriters Circle, the highly respected forum for leading songwriters which aims to foster songwriting for all ages and across musical genres.

 If you would like to book/arrange a workshop or discuss a musical project with Paula, please email



Festival Workshops – Paula has been involved in leading singing/vocal workshops at festivals including Galtres Festival, Musicport World Music Festival, Beverley Folk Festival, Holmfirth Folk Festival, Warwick Folk Festival, Crawley Folk Festival, Fylde Folk Festival, Muenster Festival (Germany).

Hull Community Choir – Paula was the founding choir leader of Hull Community Choir which is now a flourishing community choir in the city of Hull

Botton Village Summer School – Paula was delighted to lead the singing/vocal summer school at Botton Village, a busy working village on the North Yorkshire moors providing opportunities for adults with learning difficulties and other special needs.

Sing For Your Life Songwriting Project – Paula lead this highly original songwriting project based on collaborations of school children and the older generation to produce original songs relating to their community.

Camp Hill, Dunshane, Co Kildare, Ireland – Paula has run a number of singing projects at the Camp Hill community in Dunshane Ireland.  Dunshane is one of the Camphill Communities of Ireland which is part of an international charitable trust working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs.

Making Music in Tanzania – Paula played a vital leading role in this really exciting project using music and song to teach English to school children in Moshi, Tanzania.  “Hakuna Matata!”

YWCA, Princeton, New Jersey, USA – Paula regularly leads very popular music fun and games workshops in Princeton, New Jersey for school children and pre-school children.

Heydenmuehle, Otzberg Germany – Paula has been involved in running music making workshops leading to performances at this working community in the German countryside for young people with intellectual disabilities and other special needs.



09/10/2013 – VOICE & SINGING WORKSHOP with MOOR VOICES – 7.30
Old Tetley Hall, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 4DB
23/10/2013 – VOICE & SINGING WORKSHOP with MOOR VOICES – 7.30

Old Tetley Hall, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 4DB

06/11/2013 – VOICE & SINGING WORKSHOP with MOOR VOICES – 7.30

Old Tetley Hall, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 4DB








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